a little about me

I am Veronica the woman behind the Website, on a mission to make a dream come true – To Start and Scale an Online Business generating a 6 figure salary, whilst doing work that is fulfilling and which helps and inspires others. 


In October 2019, I finally found the courage to quit my well paid, stable and reliable job as a Corporate Manager to create the life I have always imagined. The decision was by no means easy to make – I have a mortgage, bills and responsibilities. However, I reached a point in my life where I HAD to make a change. Sitting by the sidelines watching others live a life I only daydream of wasn’t going to cut it anymore. I could either stay and remain overworked, undervalued and unfulfilled OR take matters into my own hands and change the path I was on.

Well, as you are here…you can guess which option I chose.

there are two ways I plan to achieve my goal

start & scale a product business

Building a brand used to be something exclusively reserved for the big companies – Apple, Nike, Toyota, Gucci and the like. However, the world is changing and the internet has opened the doors to this once elite world of big names….to the common folk. 

This means that individuals all over the world are seizing the opportunity to start and scale multimillion dollar businesses from the comfort of their own.

So, armed with this knowledge and with a deep desire to achieve my goal I am jumping on that ship and taking you with me.

I need to talk about this-3

share my journey to help others

As I go through the steps of setting up my Online Business I want to document and share my experiences and tips with anyone wanting to do the same. 

I find immense value in being inspired by and learning from people doing the things I want to do, so the idea of being able to help someone else reach their goals by sharing mine, feels me with joy and makes me feel part of a larger community.

If you are also building an online business or thinking about doing it, then make sure you connect with me and the rest of the community. Having a support system makes SUCH a positive difference to your success! 

i am also....
a dog mummy

Meet Jasper my cockapoo puppy and Chief Consultant.

Running an online business can get lonely at times and he keeps me company, keeps me sane and keeps me happy 🙂 

Getting to spend time with him is also a constant reminder of why I choose to work for myself 

an explorer

I love travelling, seeing new places and experiencing other cultures and ways of living.


Travelling is another major motivator to run my online business, as it allows me flexibility to travel as frequently as I want. 

a food lover and brunch goer

I am not even going to try and hide it. I am a foodie through and through, I love making food, going out for food and most of all eating food. 

I blame the Italian genes and my inherited appreciation for La Dolce Vita.